The Team 2019

Even when the festival ends the feeling of having accomplished something big will remain. The point where everyone leaves with a smile is the point where the team has done a good job. You are friends, allies, collaborationists and together there is nothing that could be too heavy to carry.


Denys Hsu

Niklas Winterfeld

Mariya Bolotnikova

Elina Borgert

Michel Daum

Sophie Fladt

Kira Gregan

Deniz Kaya

Jakob Ostermayer

André-Pascal Werthwein


André-Pascal Werthwein

Special Thanks to:

Rainer Diehl, Volker Keipp, zeitraumexit


Hochschule Mannheim
Fakultät für Gestaltung

Denys Hsu,
Niklas Winterfeld

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