What is the Captcha Design Festival?

The Captcha is a design festival that was founded in 2014. Since then it has been taking place each year, usually around September, to offer students and other interested parties an affordable way to broaden their horizon beyond the usual lectures and to explore their abilities.

Like so many years before this one, the Captcha 2023 will take place at zeitraumexit (Hafenstr. 68, D-68159 Mannheim). The exhibition will be at Kunstverein Mannheim (Augustaanlage 58, D-68165 Mannheim).

  • Tuesday, 05.09.
  • Wednesday, 06.09.
  • Thursday, 07.09.
  • Friday, 08.09.
  • Saturday, 09.09.
  • 09. — 16.09.
  • Symposium

    Workshop Day 1

    Workshop Day 2

    Workshop Day 3



    This year, you're in for a special treat. As we are celebrating the tenth iteration of the festival this time around, we have decided to not only limit ourselves to workshops that will span the whole period of three days. In addition to 3-day workshops, we will also offer several 1-day workshops, so you can get the maximum potential out of your own design skills! More info on our workshops can be found here.


    For one one-day workshop on the day of your choosing, a ticket will be 20€. For two one-day workshops, a ticket will be 40€ and for either participating in a three-day workshop or doing three one-day workshops on three seperate days, a ticket will be 50€. A place to sleep (if necessary) and food are included.

    To register for the festival, please fill out the Google form below, starting now until the 14th of August. Shortly after the deadline, we will contact you regarding the payment. If you don't want to use Google for any reason, don't hesitate to contact us via Instagram or E-Mail — we'll tell you which information you need and make sure you're registered as well!

    Register now!