This year's topic is vegetation.

What exactly can we learn from the plant and animal world? With the current state of the world it’s getting more and more urgent to lay a focus on this topic. Ultimately, we are just a fraction of a huge unity we’re fighting to stand above our programmed will to cohabitate. That exactly is another way to describe vegetation: a possible way to denote a unit of diversity. And even though we’re lending the name of our topic from the plant world, all of the participants at our festival are welcome to interpret the topic freely.

Dennis Hoelscher

Symposium (05.09.)

Dennis Hoelscher is a Cologne based graphic, motion & 3D artist. He focuses his work on the combination of typography and abstract, mostly procedural form designs in three-dimensional space. These worlds are set in motion by Dennis Hoelscher and increasingly interact with recipients.

About Dennis' symposium

Electric Skin

Symposium (05.09.)

Electric Skin are developing a new biomaterial that can generate electricity from the humidity in the air, using pili: the protein nanowires from Geobacter Sulfurreducens.

Their vision is of a radically sustainable energy future, where our power generation and our electronics are growable and compostable. Where our electronic devices have a new materiality — complex, textured and perhaps even alive.

That's the idea behind Electric Skin: A self-powering material. Beautiful, growable, compostable.

About Electric Skin's symposium

Rommy González

Symposium (05.09.) and workshop (06.09.)

Rommy González is a Chilean Visual Artist based in Berlin since 2014. She has been working for a decade in the fields of visual communication. With a background in Design and Art Direction, she has been developing a mixed-media approach. Her work is focused on the interpretation of nature and finding an intersection between art and science. Her visual language is inspired by botanical and scientific illustration, creating her own imaginary landscapes. Her work ranges from Illustration, Painting, Video, Performances to Urban Art and it has been exhibited in Chile, Germany, Switzerland, France, Ireland, USA and Hong-Kong.

About Rommy's workshop

Lena Weber

Symposium (05.09.) and workshop (06.09.)

Lena Weber is a graphic system-designer and creative coder working between Weimar and Berlin, focusing on the development of design tools, typographic systems and freelance work. She finds the creation of modular systems and tools to be the most satisfying way of expressing her ideas while simultaneously sharing them with others.

About Lena's workshop

Natalie Letschert

Workshop (07.09.)

Natalie Letschert is an illustrator based in Mannheim, Germany, with a focus on botanical art. Having graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Mannheim in 2022, she is now a freelancer whose prints you can find online and in bookstores and cafés all over the city. She draws her inspiration and motives from the nature around her, its organic shapes and vibrant colours. Her illustrations of nature‘s beauty are made with delicate lines and richly pigmented colours such as watercolours or paint made of plant pigments.

About Natalie's workshop

Sophia Krasomil

Workshop (08.09.)

Sophia Krasomil is a graphic designer, digital artist, and lecturer based in Berlin. Her work primarily revolves around art, (club-)culture, and the music industry. Currently, she teaches at the Akademie für bildende Künste in Nürnberg and serves as a studio assistant for Shortnotice studio. Her freelance work encompasses a diverse range of projects, including collaborations with techno clubs like Institut für Zukunft and Uebel & Gefährlich, cultural clients such as Feldfünf Projekträume, Futur drei and NYG West, as well as commercial projects like Dr. Martens and Melt! Festival. Furthermore, her artistic approach centers around intuitive exploration of shapes, playful utilization of digital technology, and pushing the boundaries of contemporary aesthetics.

About Sophia's workshop

Sandrine Guyat

Workshop (08.09.)

Sandrine Guyat is an abstract artist from Gießen, Germany. The contrast between the technological world and the roots of humanity is the focal point of her work. These days, technology shapes the everyday life of many people, but the desire for a deep connection with nature persists. To express and quench this desire, Sandrine collects her materials like soil, ash and coal in the woods. She uses these materials in her atelier to produce paints that differ widely from commercial paints and therefore display the energy of nature in a special kind of way.

About Sandrine's workshop

Isa Zappe

Workshop (06.09. — 08.09.)

Isa Zappe is a multimedia artist and photographer. She lives and works in Berlin. In addition to photographs and illustrations, her work includes video works and intermedia installations. Her themes include documenting memories and processing them into conceptual entanglements. She also has a strong interest in the connection between art and the natural sciences and their intricacies. In her artistic works, she combines analog processes with new technologies (for example combining AI with 35mm photography). Her works always stand at the threshold between clarity and a shifting of reality.

Isa Zappe studied fine arts and visual communication at the Universität der Künste in Berlin. Her works have been exhibited at Kunsthaus Bethanien, Domäne Dahlem, Galerie am Volkspark in Halle, Transmediale Berlin, and other venues.

About Isa's workshop