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The Captcha Design Festival continues its journey to learn from and with each other.
This year’s topic is onward — the art of moving towards a new way of design.


Captcha Design Festival is organized by students of the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim. It is taking place for the seventh time from 31. August - 15. September. In four different workshops the teachers and participants are coming together for one week to connect, learn new techniques and work on creative projects. Each year has its own topic which can be interpreted freely.


10:00 — 10:30am
Captcha Team Introduction
10:30 — 11:30am
Workshopleaders Introduction
Kuehlhaus AG
31.08 & 01.09:
10:00 — 11:00am
11:30am — 7:00pm
Opening hours
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Wednesday, 2pm — 7pm
Thursday — Tuesday, 12pm — 5pm

Mannheimer Kunstverein
Augustaanlage 58
68165 Mannheim

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Tim Rodenbröker

Tim Rodenbröker

Tim Rodenbröker is a designer, educator and community builder from Germany. He is specifically concerned with teaching basic skills in creative coding and sees this as a valuable approach for a courageous, critical and reflective approach to digital technologies. Since 2019, he has been developing his own e-learning platform with a variety of course modules, which aims to simplify the entry into the subject. As a designer, he has worked for many notable clients in recent years, including The New York Times, Julia Stoschek Collection, Onformative, and Holo Magazine. He has given workshops and lectures at prestigious, international universities.

Nam Huynh

Nam Huynh

Nam Huynh is a Stuttgart-based designer in Germany. His work reaches from visual strategy, illustration, 3D-design, to experimental typography and animation. In his creative process he is always on the lookout for accidents and coincidences to inform the visual energy of the work. Imperfection turns into uniqueness and helps the design to stay genuine.

Nadine Kolodziey

Nadine Kolodziey

Nadine is a visual artist and illustrator based in Frankfurt and Berlin. She works at the intersection of digital and analog with the goal of creating visual experiences rather than images. She combines materials such as plastic and pixels to create work that is hand-cut, melted, or transformed into walkable augmented reality environments. Kolodziey worked for clients like Apple, Google, Youtube, Page and die Zeit.


Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Bileam Tschepe

Bileam Tschepe

Bileam Tschepe aka elekktronaut is a Berlin based artist and educator who creates audio-reactive, interactive and organic digital artworks, systems and installations in the programming environment TouchDesigner, collaborating with musicians, clubs, brands and other artists and teaching people worldwide.

GGGB Studio

GGGB Studio

Girl Girl Girl Boi is four multidisciplinary designers based in Reykjavík, Paris, Madrid and Stavanger. We all met in Iceland, which we love because it is the closest thing to living on the moon. We are united by curiosity, a bit of irreverence and forever experimenting in creating visual worlds and their experiences. We are specialized in brand strategy/identity, creative/art direction, packaging design + motion.


The Magic Triangle

by Tim Rodenbröker
In his workshop, Tim introduces the participants to the topic of creative coding using live-tutorials and compact tasks. The focus is not only on technical issues, but also on effective solutions for planning and implementing self-initiated projects. The aim is to pave the way into the world of creative coding, to arouse curiosity and to motivate people to continue learning independently.

Create your own worlds:
Baby steps into the possibilities
of Augmented Reality

by Nadine Kolodziey
Due to the global pandemic when people are isolated at home, the digital world is becoming a new safe space for meeting, exchanging ideas and working together. While public life stands still and has shifted to the digital, the cities seem deserted and nature finds a moment of relief. The return to nature and acceptance of the digital world as a natural part of our daily lives have changed our thinking: Be ready, the new age of AR and MR has begun! In our ever fast changing and crumbling world, the aim of this workshop is to rethink and recreate a new own virtual planet and home with Augmented Reality to escape into and reshape our reality. The final outcome will be an immersive and interactive AR experience for each participant to share with each other. This workshop is addressed for participants interested in getting a very first introduction into Augmented Reality: Starting with simple asset creation, we will take a first look into 2D usage for AR, create our first 3D models and bring them together with Augmented reality using the Program Adobe Aero. No experience in 3D or AR creation mandatory. Material and Software needed to participate: Creative Cloud Subscription, iPhone or iPad (iOs), Laptop and stable Wifi.

The empty vessel makes the loudest sound

by Nam Huynh
Under Nam’s guidance each participant will create a virtual three-dimensional sneaker. The shoe can be driven by exaggerated functionality or pointless beauty. You are free to get as abstract as you want, as long as the shoe expresses your idea in a unique fashion. Keep in mind that you won’t work on a still life but 3 dimensional animated object that can be explored and portrayed from every angle. The goal of the whole team is to assemble a diverse and unparalleled shoe collection.

A basic understanding and the access to a 3D-software is required.


Each workshop is lead by one of our three designers and will take place online due to our current situation. Everyone who is curious about learning and exploring new design concepts and practices is welcome to participate. The design festival will start on Monday, August 30th with our symposium and will end on Friday, September 3rd, the courses go from 11am to 7pm. The tickets will cost 30 Euros. You can register until August 28th on our Google Form.


After the workshops are over, we will exhibit your work at Kunstverein Mannheim. The exhibition will start with our Vernissage on September 10th and will close on September 17th. For those of you who are not able to visit Mannheim there will also be an online exhibition.
More infos/link coming soon.

Mannheimer Kunstverein
Augustaanlage 58
68165 Mannheim
Show us your work and it will be exhibited live in Mannheim!
Starting on August 16th, you can submit a poster inspired by our theme „onward“!

What do you associate with the topic onward? Send us your ideas and perspectives in the form of a poster by August 29th. We look forward to your work! Submit your poster into the Google Drive folder with the filename "OPEN CALL_yourname" and details on how you’d like to be credited!

Size: A1 (594 × 841mm)
Color setting: CMYK
Deadline: 4.09.2021


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